Animated Shorts Program

“Days that were filled with sense by fear”Directed by Lszl CskiDuring the screening of this film the tape went bad, and so all of the subtitles had a white fuzzy line through them. We have no idea what this film is about, but the animation was cool.

“Egg”Directed by Benh ZeitlinThe story of Moby Dick told from inside an egg just before it is going to be eaten. Funny, interesting and imaginative,

“The guilt trip, or the Vatican takes a holiday”Directed by Lisa BartFeatures animated characters of Jesus and the Pope. Very funny, but the end was too heavy.

“Patricia Grey”Directed by Anne KoizumiA woman is questioned about the death of her daughter. This is a concise and distinctive piece. Let’s hope it gets expanded.

“Sheol”Directed by Rubn MllerA masterful digital piece about life and death.

“Still I remain”Directed by Tom GibbonsThe man who brought you “The Hunger Artist” is back with an ultra-short story about a relationship that just keeps coming back. Funny and visually distinctive.John Leonard