Letter to the Editor: Any means to increase participation in greeks is good


I’m a member of Sigma Chi and, contrary to the opinion of Nick Macey (“A greek house divided will not stand,” Feb. 1) the greek system isn’t in disrepair.

Macey suggested in his article that the greek system having smaller membership is due, in part, to Sigma Chi holding an informal rush prior to the IFC rush. In so doing, Sigma Chi didn’t skip the more formal rush, but plans to take a few more pledges in addition to those already invited to do so.

By informally inviting these students to join our fraternity, these students weren’t stopped from visiting other houses or discouraged from waiting for the formal rush. In addition, informal rushes during the preceding summer are a fairly common occurrence within the greek system.

If anything will hurt the greek system, it will be a lack of participation within it. For example, the most publicized and noticed event for the greeks, “Songfest” was ignored by several fraternities during Homecoming Week last fall, including Beta Theta Pi. With the current state of greek relations, this is one of the few chances for the greek system to shine on campus and in the community.

Sigma Chi is a pillar within the greek system at participation in allactivities and can only be helping the greek system by inviting more students to do the same.

Not speaking for but as a member of Sigma Chi, and the greek system as a whole, I agree that participation within the greek system is vital for its success.

I hope fraternities will take every opportunity to encourage that participation for students.

Matthew Jensen

Sophomore, English