Letter to the Editor: Chrony fog cartoon condones violence against women


This letter is in response to a cartoon by Pete Harrison included in The Chronicle on Jan. 28.

Harrison’s sketch titled, “for some, the fog did have its perks” is an incredibly disturbing image of a man sexually assaulting a women in the shelter of fog.

This image clearly illustrates how men’s violation and assault on women’s bodies is perceived as humorous for one student on this campus.

While we can only speculate other students found this image to be a source of entertainment, the presence of this image in The Chronicle is shocking for several reasons.

First, this image sends a threatening message to all women on campus that they must protect themselves from sexual violence.

Secondly, this image encourages men to engage in sexual violence as long as it remains “out of sight out of mind.” This particular view supports a culture of sexual violence over one of safety and equality among women and men.

Finally, The Chrony’s inclusion of this image demonstrates evidence of an institutional acceptance of sexual violence on women’s bodies on this campus.

This particular message is extremely alarming, despite the basic argument regarding the First Amendment.

As two men aware of the impact sexual violence has on the lives of everyone, we challenge Harrison to recognize the messages infused in his cartoon.

We further encourage men on this campus to hold other men accountable for their behavior. Accepting the notion “out of sight out of mind” ultimately silences survivors of sexual assault from reporting their trauma. Together we must work toward demonstrating men can be allies for women instead of potential offenders of women.

Jonathan Ravarino

Doctoral student,

Educational Psychology

Kevin Laska

Masters student,

Educational Psychology