Letter to the Editor: RuthAnne is a two-faced bigot


I am thoroughly confused. Did RuthAnne Frost write the article (“Phillip Morris is my president” Feb. 1) or John “flip-flop” Kerry?

Please RuthAnne, what is your real stance on this issue? Sympathy for the “poor discriminated smokers” of Utah, or sympathy on behalf of your asthmatic friend’s life?

I truly cannot decipher between your “root for the underdog” conviction and your blatant sarcasm.

Isn’t it funny that no matter what group it is, whenever something doesn’t go its way (whether it is fair or not), all of a sudden, people scream from the top of their, in this case smoke filled, lungs, “Discrimination, Discrimination!”

Banning smoking in bars and clubs is obviously not an ultra-right-wing idea being pursued by the conservative majority that inhabits Utah. States such as California and others have already made it unlawful to smoke in clubs and bars, not to mention “more- liberal-than-not” Rocky Anderson supports this action.

I don’t care if people choose to smoke, let them “commit slow suicide” for all I care. It is their choice, their right and I support that. I will not stand and let someone take my life away from me. It is a scientific fact that second-hand smoke kills its non-smoker victims.

The smoker has no right to do that to me or anyone else, even you RuthAnne.

You say you cheer for the underdog. By rooting for the “discriminated smokers” you have made yourself a liar. The true underdog is your asthmatic friend.

Not only are you a liar but also a “closet” bigot because you are discriminating against people who want to go out and have a good time and not eventually die from their experience at a club or bar.

You also discriminate against the silent but gagging majority who has no interest or desire to suck in this first- or second-hand “death.”

So figure out where you actually stand and plant yourself firmly there.

Spencer Thomas

Freshman, Undeclared