The Chronicle’s View: What can ASUU do for you? Your taxes

The sentiments espoused in John F. Kennedy’s inaugural address are inspiring, altruistic and patriotic. But sometimes it’s OK to ask, “What does government do for me?”

After all, we fund it. Our money is supposed to be used for our welfare. Questioning the value of its services has prompted great reforms, such as the case of our own American Revolution.

So go ahead and ponder a moment on what ASUU has done for you lately. Can’t think of anything? Well, they are offering to help with your tax returns!

Isn’t that an awesome idea? Everyone has trouble with tax returns, and everyone has to do them. Why not use the power, money and influence of ASUU to help out students?

Congrats on whosever great idea that was. It can benefit everyone. Not everyone goes to concerts, parties, athletic events or clubs. Not everyone is active in Student Advisory Committees. But everyone does taxes.

This is good government being taken to the masses. This is evident of an administration that cares and is thinking about the needs of students.

Perhaps the coolest thing about this idea is the positive impact it will have on ASUU itself.

As students feel the influence of ASUU in their lives, they’ll care more about what it does, who runs it and its potential.

Student participation is desperately needed by ASUU to ensure the needs of the student body are being taken care of. Usually, apathy persists in regards to student government. As people awaken to the potential of ASUU, they’ll start taking an interest.

More students will participate in elections, take an interest in who is representing them, and learn about the services available to them. Helping with tax returns puts a face on ASUU that will get students thinking, “Who are you, what else can you do, and what else can you help me with?”

Apathy is the enemy of democracy. A Big Brother regime that takes away money yet seems to exist only on paper and on banners breeds apathy and resentment. A “how can I help you” administration inspires the realization of potential.

Thank you for organizing this service. Keep up the good work. Tax returns can be the tip of a proverbial iceberg in regards to how ASUU could serve students.

To any other student group gearing up to help with tax returns: good thinking. Service is an excellent way to get the word out about your organization and what you’re all about.