Kill the scene

Upcoming Concerts

Feb. 15* 25 Ta Life, Donny Brook, Aftermath of a Trainwreck @ Club Boom Va-6 p.m.* Hank Williams III & Assjack @ The Velvet Room-8:30 p.m.-$12 Adv/$14 Day Of* Hidden in Plain View, Hello Goodbye @ Lo-Fi Caf-6:30 p.m.-$8

Feb. 16* Rise Against, Tsunami Bomb @ Lo-Fi Caf-7 p.m.-$12/$15

Feb. 17 * Alsoran, Darci Cash @ Lo-Fi Caf-7 p.m.-$6* Beep Beep, The Polysics @ Kilby Court-7:30 p.m.-$8

Feb. 18* Aftermath of a Trainwreck, Her Candane @ Club Boom Va-6 p.m.* Big D & The Kids Table, River City Rebels @ Lo-Fi Caf-7 p.m.-$10/$15* Mindstate, Bloswick & Aspect @ Urban Lounge-10 p.m.-$5

Feb 19* Bettie Servert @ The Velvet Room-8:30 p.m.-$10/$12* Entombed, Crowbar @ Lo-Fi Caf-7 p.m.-$12/$15Feb 20* Duane Peters, Exploding F*** Dolls @ Lo-Fi Caf-7 p.m.-$10/$12

Feb 21* Subtle, Department of Eagles @ Kilby Court-7:30 p.m.-$8*The Unseen, Ramallah @ Club Sound-6 p.m.-$8

New Releases

American Head Charge-Feeding-Rte/DRT Die Alone-Die Alone-CorrosiveDoves-Some Cities-CapitolKill Whitney Dead-So Pretty So Plastic-TribunalLittle Brazil-You and Me-Mt. FujiMasta Ace-Disposable Arts- Yosumi/M3Pitch Black-This is the Modern Sound-RevelationSpice 1-Dyin’ to Ball- Triple XSlapshot-Tear It Down- ThorpSymphony in Peril-The Whore’s Trophy-FacedownTemper Temper-Temper Temper-RevelationCompiled by Dan Fletcher