LGBT center sells carnations as fund-raiser

The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual,Transgender ResourceCenter will be selling red,white and pink carnationsfor $2 today in the Union.Students may buy theircarnations for $2 in theCrimson Commons, by thepool tables.Proceeds raised from thesales will help the center payfor programming, such as thecenter’s Safe Zone training.”It’s a way for us to givesomething that also benefitsthe resource center,” saidCharles Milne, interim coordinatorfor the center.The center already sold150 pre-ordered flowers, saidDaren Brapham, an internfor the Volunteer Servicesand Speaker’s Bureau.Brapham said faculty andstaff members are buyingmultiple carnations to showtheir appreciation.”It’s not about love-if youwant to show that, go getroses,” he said. “But if there’ssomeone who let you turnin a form late, or if there’ssomeone in the Union who’salways nice to you, you haveto show your appreciation.”Amanda Friz