Drive-Thru rocking: Hidden in Plain View, Hello Goodbye, Punchline

Drive-Thru Records, home to such noteworthy pop acts as New Found Glory and Homegrown, has long been the world’s premier source of saccharine-sweet, heavy-on-the-pop, pop punk.

However, the times, they are a-changin’.

The iron-clad power chords and whiny-vocal sneers have diverged into two extremes. Jangly emo arpeggios and soft-core metal riffing have replaced Drive-Thru Records’ patented punk punches and, just as the faux-hawk is now the new Mohawk, indie-pop and screamo are the new pop-punk.

Leading the newly established angelic-pop paradigm are synth-heavy So-Cal sweethearts, Hello Goodbye.

With halos and Weezer tributes in tow, these California boys are sure to sweep hordes of indie-gals off their Chuck Taylors.

Never fear though, all you bleeding-hearted boys and girls in black-Drive-Thru has also enlisted its fair share of screamotional rock rebels.

Garden State faux-fashionistas, Hidden in Plain View, spew broken-hearted catharsis over Taking Back Sunday’s patented brand of quiet-loud indie rock. Who can blame them? Growing up in New Jersey would be a hellacious roller-coaster ride for any lovelorn youth.

Come check out all the new Drive-Thru appendages when they share the stage with Kickball Record’s A Thorn For Every Heart and Fueled by Ramen’s Punchline tonight at Lo-Fi Caf (165 S. West Temple).

Even the most tear-soaked emo-trooper can crack a smile at the meager $8 cover charge.

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