Letter to the Editor: Missed deadline? Run a write-in campaign


I agree with Taylor Morgan that application deadlines for the election should have been publicized (“2005 ASUU elections leave students with fewer choices,” Feb. 14) for those who wanted to run but didn’t know about the deadline, there is another option: run a write-in campaign.

Students who choose to do so must still obey all campaign rules. While they’re at a disadvantage by not having their names on the ballot, it is still possible to win as a write-in.

This is particularly true in races that have few candidates (e.g. the

Senate position for the College of Mining and Earth Sciences, which Jessica Wempen “already won”).

It will require more dedicated campaigning so people will remember your name enough to vote for you, but it has been done in the past.

If a write-in makes it to the final election, they must pay the standard filing fee, but will then be on the ballot.

Steven Paradise

Graduate student, Electrical Engineering

Vice Presidential Candidate, None of the Above Party