Letter to the Editor: Mistakes of the past do not justify terrorism


I am writing in response to Colyn Kilmer’s letter (“The real deal on the Little Eichmanns comment,” Feb.10).

After reading this article, it seems as though Kilmer believes that America is the only country in the history of the world that has ever been responsible for the killing of innocent people.

Yes, America has made many mistakes in its foreign policy since it came into existence. However, does that mean that we are a terrorist country? I wonder if Kilmer could name a country today that has never been in violation of human rights at any point in its history.

If not, then an attack on any country could be justified simply by citing past wrongdoings.

It is folly to think that the U.S. can somehow please every country of the world at all times. No matter what our stance on the Isreali-Palestinian issue is, for instance, someone somewhere will not like it.

I agree with Kilmer that the United States must try to set a moral example around the world, but we need to realize that we cannot always be perfect.

We in America have never had the experience of living under an autocratic regime. However, we as a liberal nation need to remember why the United States is a great country and why people like Kilmer and Churchill continue to live here, despite labeling it a terrorist country.

Instead of condemning the United States for past mistakes, people like Colyne Kilmer and Ward Churchill might want to enlighten the rest of us on their own ideas of how the United States can stop terrorists around the world from hating us.

Andrew Bennion

Junior, Political Science/International Studies