Letter to the Editor: Deaf Kenyans need the U’s help


I was pleased to see the front-page article in Feb. 15’s Chronicle regarding Sigma Gamma Chi’s efforts to raise funds for Ngala

School for the Deaf (“Kenyan school gets help from Sigma Gamma Chi”).

I was the U faculty member who recruited the first U student group to go to Ngala in 2001. Deaf people in Kenya are far more disenfranchised than deaf people in the United States. They are not permitted to drive cars, have very limited educational opportunities past the 8th grade and most survive on the equivalent of $900-$2,000 per year.

Building a library at Ngala will enable young deaf Kenyans to

improve their educational opportunities and future prospects. Please help support Sigma Gamma Chi’s efforts.

Jeff Pollock

Coordinator of Deaf Services,

Associate Instructor,

Communication Sciences and Disorders