Warning to people in West Jordan

By By [email protected]

By [email protected]


I am sending this to the Chronicle because I know that a lot of students, faculty and staff either live in West Jordan or visit people who live there. This is a warning to all of them.

There appears to be a strong push at parking enforcement taking place right now. If you violate some infraction, you are likely to get a $25 ticket, not a warning. We are getting numerous tickets now in our neighborhood, given by the “Courtesy” officer.

The point is, if you happen to violate a point in the municipal code, there is no mercy. We have lived in West Jordan for 25 years and now discover that the laws are such that we cannot park in front of our home in the street at all. When we tried to remedy that by parking in our driveway, we received another ticket because a portion of the car was over the sidewalk. Our neighbors are also getting multiple tickets.

I suggest that if you live in or visit West Jordan, visit the city hall at 8000 W. Redwood (8-5 M-F) and request a printed copy of the municipal code so that you know what obscure rules you might be violating. They do have it on the city web page, but I was told that “… the web page is outdated …” when I pointed out that the infraction cited did not match anything in the web version of the code.

And to think, the motto of the City of West Jordan is “Home of the Good Neighbor”.

– Joseph Buchanan