Letter to the Editor: Chronicle’s photo of lecture was sub-par


I would like to express my thanks to The Chronicle for covering the recent reproductive rights lecture given by Lynn Paltrow, founder and director of the National Advocates for Pregnant Women. Your reporter, Kira Jones, did a wonderful job of covering the event (“Lecture addresses women’s reproductive rights and drug abuse,” Feb. 14).

Those of us on campus who are working for women’s and reproductive rights appreciate your efforts. However, I would like to point out a few things. The picture caption stated that I helped to coordinate the event, which I did not.

The coordinators of the event were David Roach, director of the Harm Reduction and Public Health Association, a student group at the U, and Luciano Colonna of the Utah Harm Reduction Project. My association, Medical Students for Choice, was simply contacted by David Roach and we were asked to hand out information about our group at the event.

I would like to see credit go to these two outstanding individuals for coordinating this wonderful and important lecture.

I was also a little disappointed when I did not see a picture of Paltrow accompanying the article on her lecture.

While I appreciate your photographers documenting all aspects of campus events, I feel that attention was taken away from the focus of the article by placing a picture of me waiting for the event to begin next to the article, instead of showing Paltrow giving an outstanding lecture.

Paltrow is a nationally renowned, dynamic and engaging speaker, and I think she deserves to be highlighted in The Chronicle for her efforts in education on reproductive rights.

Again, I do appreciate your coverage of the event, and I hope that The Chronicle will continue to report on all student activism on campus, as the newspaper is a vital mode of communication between student groups and their peers.

Kelli Lund


Medical Students for Choice

Second-Year Medical Student