Letter to the Editor: Legislators are not representing state employees


Shame on our legislators, specifically, all that are voting yes to HB 213. As a state employee for more than 15 years, I work with the most dedicated, hard-working, service-oriented people I know. Can our legislators say that?

I submit NO! They gave themselves lifetime health insurance, paid by the state after only four years of service. Do the math; does this sound like dedication? No, it says to me, self-serving.

How dare our representatives vote yes to HB 213? This bill will take away an earned benefit that state employees EARN through lifetime service. We save our sick leave so as to use it responsibly and to not miss work unless absolutely necessary.

Legislators, get your act together. You serve us. We are taxpayers and pay your salary (which you used to give yourselves a raise, when state employees haven’t had one). You can accept gifts, state employees cannot. Shame on our legislators that vote yes, you are not representing Utah fairly.

Leslie Hall