Letter to the Editor: Underground tunnel is not always safe, user-friendly


In reference to the article about the annoying students crossing the road above the stadium TRAX stop (“U officials, TRAX may eliminate stadium crosswalk,” Feb. 10), ditto to Andy Thompson’s comments (“Fewer cars would be better than fewer peds,” Feb. 15)!

Pedestrians have rights, too! Anyone who thinks that tunnel is user-friendly needs to check it out early in the morning, late at night and in bad weather. It is not always user-friendly.

Maybe the urban-planning department could investigate if that cold, dark, wet place meets CPTED guidelines for safety on the campus.

If pedestrians are really causing that much of a delay to the shuttles and buses, why can’t a light with pedestrian crossing signal be installed there? That’s how it is at the South Campus TRAX stop.

Kimberly Jemison

Senior, Environmental Studies