Letter to the Editor: ‘Vendor’ argument for canceling poker tournament was lame

Editor:As I read the article aboutthe cancellation of the pokertournament that was to be heldlast Tuesday on campus (“NoPoker for U,” Feb. 23), I keptasking myself, “What is ASUUafraid of?”I am not a poker player, nordo I endorse gambling, butthere seems to be a deeper issuehere. Apparently, there weresome hidden agendas involvedbecause the reason given forcancellation just doesn’t holdwater. According to the article,no laws would have been brokenand all guidelines were followedby the sponsoring body, so thosereasons for cancellation can beeliminated. So why cancel?ASUU president Alex Lowesaid simply that he didn’t seethe “educational value of havingan outside vendor come ontocampus and take the studentsmoney.”If that is the case, then howdoes he explain other events,such as the scholastic chesstournament? Sure, chess maybe more “educational,” but itstill boils down to a group ofstudents (K-12) paying a fee toplay a game on campus.What about other vendorscoming on campus and takingstudents money? Coke? M&M/Mars? Chartwell’s? Is there an”educational value” to thoseservices?Or are the students simplypaying for a service and makinga choice to participate of theirown volition?It seems that there wereulterior motives behind thisdecision. If ASUU or the administrationjust couldn’t stomachthe tournament, or if someonedidn’t dot their I’s nor crosstheir T’s, then just fess up. Iguess it’s too much to ask a politicianto be straightforward.Clief CastletonGraduate StudentMechanical Engineering