Pinc, Students First party platforms copycat current administration

This year’s political parties are taking leaves from a familiar book.

The People Incorporated and Students First Parties are asking for votes with platform ideas that came from the current student government, and they are promising to do things that this year’s administration has already done.

Both parties are saying they will support the building of the recreation center if students only have to pay after the doors are open.

Their positions reflect exactly what the Student Senate and Assembly wrote in a bill passed last week.

“Students won’t have to pay until the doors are open,” said Patrick Barnes, Associated Students of the University of University chief of staff.

Both parties say they will put a director over the recycling program. ASUU already has a director over recycling, Bobbi Freeman.

According to Students First Web site, the party says, “By establishing one calendar which contains the events of every group, organization and programming students…can find everything the U has to offer.”

The centralized campus calendar is established and available online. The site can be accessed through the Associated Students of the University of Utah Web site. The current administration is purchasing a printer to generate large 11 feet by 14 feet calendars to display at busy locations.

People Incorporated’s members are telling students that they will “create a one-stop shopping online for scholarships,” according to their Web Site.

Adam Reeder, ASUU’s academic affairs director, currently heads the scholarship Web site project.

“It’s an awareness page about scholarship opportunities,” Reeder said. “It’s in process and on the agenda.”

Students First is promising to focus on “UBay,” an online auction where items donated and the revenue of the sales will go toward funding student groups and programming.

This is already underway and headed by Carrie Johnson.

People Incorporated is also saying they will combine the UCard and Hookup Card to expand students’ discounts.

“That has already been done,” said Todd Clark, student service director.

Taylor Morgan, presidential candidate for People Incorporated, said he knows these things are already going on and his party is supporting them.

“We’re increasing the awareness of these things,” Morgan said. Ali Hasnain, presidential candidate for Students First said that the future administration cannot ignore the work that has been put in by the old one.

“There are a lot of similarities in the campaigns and current administration, but the individuals, ideas and experiences differentiate the parties,” Hasnain said. “Our approach will be different.”

Current ASUU President Alex Lowe sees the similarities as a good thing. “The only way student government can see lasting results is to build on previous administrations,” he said. “We did it too.”

Barnes agreed.

“They’re in line with the current year’s goals. They understand the needs. It’s not a big deal whose ideas it is,” Barnes said.

With goals that are similar, students should look at the candidates’ approach to the goal when deciding whom to vote for, Lowe said.

“The goals might be the same, but the approach is different,” Lowe said. “It’s not what, but how.”

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