U students will do their part to help with tsunami relief effort

The Union Programming Council along with several U students will “Turn the Tide” with a concert intended to raise funds for the tsunami victims Tuesday from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. in the Union Ballroom.

The event costs $5 and will feature music by five local bands: Palomino, Jane Thatcher and the Third Wheels, The Motherless Cowboys, Remedy Motel and The Matt Lewis Band. Event organizers will donate all proceeds to the United Nations Children’s Fund to aid the victims of the tsunami tragedy.

“This is not just an event to get a bunch of people and bands together,” said Jane Thatcher, event coordinator. “There’s not a lot for us to do as individuals in the wake of the tsunami, but collectively we can have an effect,” she said. “If we are able to get 1,000 people to the event at $5 per person, that’s $5,000.”

There is also an incentive for the Associated Students of the University of Utah political parties to join in this effort. Whichever party gets the most students to the event receives five minutes to talk about its campaign.

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