Letter to the Editor: Speaking openly about the female body generates strength


In response to Daniel Allen’s letter (“Vagina Monologues are disrespectful,” Feb. 28), one has to wonder if he’s actually attended the performance or is simply turned off by the title.

It is obvious that if he indeed had been in the audience, with his mind open, he would have seen the expression of the female power, mixed with humor and playfulness.

Contrary to his assumption that the “Vagina Monologues” do nothing to prevent or aid in the quest against violence against women, I have to disagree.

Most promoters of this event donate some, if not all, of the proceeds to battered women’s shelters and rape/abuse counseling projects.

While I understand Allen’s desire to keep all that is female sacred, perhaps he ought to volunteer at a rape-crisis center or a battered women’s shelter-if that is truly the concern.

Instead of shooting down the idea of women speaking openly about their bodies-and their minds-perhaps you should be thankful they do. It’s that strength that helps women of violence recover and survive.

Connie Anast

Staff, University Hospital