Be Grateful for the canadites hard work!

By By [email protected]

By [email protected]

It is so frustrated to hear students whine and complain about elections. These parties are out there actually working to have to opportunity to serve the students at the U and all they get in return are rude comments about their motives. All the students who are complaining about the elections should stop and think about what it is really about, yes there are parties, food and fliers, there are also platforms, what the canadites stand for, their qualifications! The outcome of the elections affects who controls all of the students fees! Our money, and no one cares to look into what the canadites are all about. Last year only 1/5 of the student population voted, after that how many of the students who didn’t vote complained about what ASUU was doing? If you don’t vote and don’t go out to see what the issues the canadites are pushing you have no right to complain. They are out there working hard and are willing to listen to the students suggestions. Everyone has an opinion on what they think needs to change at the U, so why don’t they go out and actually try to achieve rather than mock those who do?Cara WinegarUndeclaredSophomore