Letter to the Editor: Government shouldn’t dictate retirement investments

Editor:Let’s all consider for a moment theopportunity each of us will have toinvest the potential money we willbe entitled to upon retiring (“Get itstraight or lose in ’08,” March 1).Should we just be able to take whatthe government gives us in respect tothe amount of Social Security each ofus receives once we reach retirementage?Or should we also have the opportunityto invest that money in a rightfulcause being able to grow and thenspend it how we would like to?Might we also realize the potentialgrowth that may come from investingthat income as being a way of havingmoney available to our children andgrandchildren when we have passedon. In having the opportunity to investhow we want to, it will give us thechance to build a greater income basefor us to live on without having to beconcerned about working until we’redead.Justin WrightSenior, Mass Communication