Students First captures primary election victories

Patrick Muir

News Reporter

Students had their first look at potential representatives of the Associated Students of the University of Utah when the primary election results were announced on Friday.

The presidential candidates of the Students First Party and the People Incorporated Party move on to final elections after receiving 1,980 and 1,537 votes, respectively.

Students First also received majority votes for the senior class president, Senate and Assembly positions, but is not overconfident at this stage of the election process.

“We don’t feel we have an advantage,” ssaid Ali Hasnain, presidential candidate for Students First. “Everything’s back at square one.”

Members of the People Incorporated Party added that they still have high hopes.

“This has put a fire under us to work harder,” said Rob Beck, vice presidential candidate for People Incorporated. “We will keep working hard and talking to students.”

The None of the Above Party was knocked out of the presidential race, but had an impact with 554 votes, enough to swing the election to either party.

“We’re glad that we came in last. Now all 554 of our supporters have beautifully voiced their disapprovalwith their vote sitting by our party name at the bottom of the election results,” said Benjamin Yang, presidential candidate of None of the Above.

Yang and running mate Steven Paradise ran the most successful campaign of their careers, winning 14 percent of the votes after spending only $47.01 and despite having only three members in their entire party.

More than 4,000 students voted in the primary elections, leaving about 25,000 students who didn’t vote.

Campaigning will continue this week, with voting for the final elections happening on Wednesday and Thursday.

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