Letter to the Editor: Commuter Services needs some basic customer service skills


In response to Andrew Kirk’s amusing article (“Parking Enforcement Officers,” March 3):

I have been a staff member here at the U for the last four years. The nature of my job requires me to have a pass that I can use to park almost anywhere on campus including parking meters.

Numerous times I have been cited for “expired meter” violations when my pass has been clearly displayed. The only gripe I have is the lack of an apology. I feel that some basic customer service skills are needed.

Now the “service” has gone from bad to worse. My last two appeals have been denied.

When I got my second ticket, I rushed to the appeals office along with my University Parking Pass and complained. To my awe, I was told, “How do we know that you did not rush back to your department to grab the pass? You will have to pay for the violation and then if you like, appeal to the Hearing Committee.” Very nice.

There are five of us on my departmental team who have had the exact same kind of trouble, and all of us more than once. I will have a signed statement from my colleagues when I visit the Hearing Committee. Perhaps all of us are uncouth, dishonest professionals who run back to the department to get a pass after we are cited for violation.

Amir Masood


Office of Information Technology