No Real Accommodations by Order of the Senate!

By By [email protected]

By [email protected]

After reading the article in today’s Chrony about the U’s newly adopted so called ‘Accommodation Policy’, It left me with the feeling that they have pulled one over on the courts. The policy accepted is no real accommodation from the faculty to students with strongly held differing beliefs. It just said that a student can ask but most faculty are dead set against listening or accommodating a student. One professor said: ‘I personally don’t plan to ever provide any accommodations, and I think that will be the attitude of most faculty,” she said. “But we have a policy on the books, [and it meets the court order but it is so weak that we don’t really need to accommodate a student] so if faculty choose to provide accommodations, they have ways to do it without getting in trouble.”‘ Getting trouble with other faculty for giving a student’s beliefs any accommodation maybe?

If this is the attitude of most of the faculty, it is no wonder that students feel that professors don’t think that student’s beliefs or thoughts are important just their course content. Faculty know truth and what is right, students must follow.I wonder what the Colorado professor in the news these days would say when a student would dare not agree with him that 9/11 victims are just modern day Nazis and deserved what they got! Maybe an ‘F’ would be his reply and the student would just have to lump it or change their major or better yet just drop out of our university.

Robert J. Quinn, Alumni/Staff