Re: The Supreme Court and how it is destroying America.

By By [email protected]

By [email protected]

Dear Editor:

This is just a thank you to Mr. Mike Bednarz for standing up, and speaking the simple truth. I would seriously commend this young man for bringing up the valid point that the Supreme Court more and more is stepping outside the bounds of Constitutional jursidiction.

Now I am sure that this is going to definitely fires some people up enough to generate some responses. I would really like to hear from anyone that has an opinion on this issue. However, do to the length of some responses please feel free to email your response to me personally, rather than try to get it printed in th Daily Utah Chronicle. I only reason I bring this point up, because last time I wrote a response to a letter to the editor Mr, Andrew Kirk, who works for the DUC in some respect (I can’t remember what his title or job was) said my response was to long and need to be cut.

Again feel free to send your responses about the issue of the Supreme Court, Judicial nominees, or any other political issue that concerns you. My email address is as follows: [email protected]

And again to Mr. Bednarz thank you. And may I recommend Mark Levin’s new book Men In Black. If you don’t want to buy it, you can borrow my copy this fall.


Aaron Cromar