Letter to the Editor: PINC understands diversity and have not been phantoms


I must say that I was surprised to see The Chronicle endorse a party in the ASUU elections, as generally it doesn’t happen. As a candidacy and a campaign, we very much appreciate and are humbled by the endorsement for Students First.

I would like to, however, bring light to a few things I noticed in the editorial.

When discussing the issue of diversity, racial/ethnic lines are not the only characteristics of importance.

I believe that in championing “diversity,” respect for different ideas and values are important as well. While we are very proud of what we believe to be the best representation of this campus in our candidates, I can’t say that we are the only campaign that understands the importance of the issue.

Finally, we very much feel and respect the presence of our opponents in this election year. Every candidate and every campaign is making great efforts in articulating platforms and passions and trying to open a dialogue with the entire student body at the U.

Again, it has been our priority to do that in a visible but equally accessible way, but I wouldn’t feel good about saying that our opponents have not made efforts on their own part as well or that they have been phantoms.

Ali Hasnain

Students First Party

Presidential Candidate