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By [email protected]

I find it interestingly ironic that so many students are upset that the Chrony endorsed Student’s First in the upcoming elections.

Not only was the endorsement on the Opinion page, but stated very clear reasons for the endorsement.

It reminds me of the Tribune endorsing Bush in the past Presidential election. Sure, there were people upset about it, but in the “real world,” newspaper endorsements of political candidates are commonplace.

I wonder how many of the students upset at the Chrony found no reason to be angry at the Trib for doing the same thing. Maybe it’s because the Trib supported their candidate.

The fact remains that the Chrony is supposed to reflect the feelings of the students at the U, and in fact, on the Opinion page, they are obligated to speak for those not in the mainstream. The only journalistic ethic that involves “fairness” is in factual news that is reported – they are allowed to have an opinion about anything they wish.

That’s what the Opinion section is for, chil’ren.

I have run for collegiate political office as well as being an Editor of my college newspaper. Personally, I think the Chrony staff does an amazing job and I find nothing wrong with their journalistic ethics.

Connie AnastUniversity Hospital, Staff