Letter to the Editor: Party endorsement was wrong and party cartoon was raunchy

Editor:I agree with those thatbelieve The Chronicle’s endorsementof Students Firstwas less than professional.It is usually not a good ideaunder normal circumstances,but with Ali Hasnain being aformer editor of The Chronicle,it defi nitely seems a lotless ethical than the papershould be.I would also like to commenton one of the comicsthat appeared in March 9’spaper about Kief’s SpringBreak trip. I believe thatcomic was inappropriate for aschool newspaper.I feel it’s not right for myfees to go toward printingsuch inappropriate material.I feel it also lowers therespect that people have forthis institution when they seethings like that in our schoolnewspaper. I would appreciateit if more appropriatematerial was published in thefuture.Josh CheckettsSenior, Biology