Modern Day Publicans

By By [email protected]

By [email protected]

A basic description of a Publican from the New Testament is a Jew who is employed by the Romans to tax his own people. I don’t claim to be a Bible historian but that should suffice for a sound definition. Their fellow citizens considered them traitors. The only job that I can think of that is similar to that of a Publican is a Campus Parking Enforcer. Besides traitor – words like chump and SELL-OUT best describe an annoying cyclist that waits for the last minute to expire on a fellow student’s meter, and when you arrive 30 seconds after the ticket is written he/she is always too big of a coward to negotiate with you. They duck their puny head and speed off. Is there any other employment that is lower and more pathetic than one student giving a petty, overpriced citation to another student? It is no wonder why Publicans were referred to as sinners. I don’t expect anything to change by writing this editorial; I simply wanted student parking enforcers to know how bad they are hated by students across campus! Blake MooreSenior, Business