Props to U nominations underway

The Union Programming Council is asking the campus community to help them look for people making a difference at the U.

Those who make a significant difference will win awards at the first-annual “Props to U” ceremony.

Props to U will recognize the U’s best students, faculty and employees. Tarina Freimann, director of House and Operations on the Union Board, encourages students to nominate people they know in one or even all of the categories of awards.

“We are looking for really anyone on campus that is contributing to great campus life,” Freimann said.

The UPC is planning to advertise the event from March 21-24. The nominations of candidates are due by March 25.

Students, faculty and employees may pick up a nomination form at either the Union Front Desk or at the UPC office.

Also, the UPC said it plans to have nominations available online on the UPC Web site by March 21.

The Props to U awards ceremony will be held April 9 in the Union Ballroom. Freimann added that she hopes to have possible prize packages as well as the awards.

“We would love this to be a big event getting everybody involved,” Freimann said. “We’re hoping to get it to the level where a lot of people know about it and remember it in the future years.”

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