Setting sun, rising moon: East Emigration caf offers a secluded musicality all its own

Have you had enough of the waiting lists and circus atmosphere of downtown Salt Lake City chain restaurants? Have you taken one too many dates out to P.F. Chang’s? Then try heading east for a change, up Emigration Canyon, to the Sun and Moon Caf.

For such a small place, Sun and Moon’s menu offers a wide range of choices.

Hunting for red meat? Stuff yourself with a garlic burger. Herbivore? The sundried tomato caesar salad is killer. The pulled pork sandwich is so good it could cause a vegetarian to relapse. Wash these down with a draft beer or two for good measure.

Want to spend more than $6-$10 for the aforementioned meals? The menu’s top end will allow you to do just that. You could try the rack of lamb for $20 and a bottle of fine wine for $90.

Located right next to the Mormon pioneer’s final campsite 5.3 miles from the mouth of Emigration Canyon, it’s a wonder that the state of Utah granted Sun and Moon a liquor license, but it did, so take advantage. Please take advantage responsibly however, for those 5.3 miles are curvaceous, narrow and frequented by road bikers.

The lack of automotive traffic means the outdoor patio, although virtually roadside, is not tainted by the sound of engine brakes or bad mufflers. Instead, Thursday through Sunday, the outdoor patio is filled with the sound of live music. Many well-known artists, John Lee Hooker Jr. for example, have graced the tiny stage.

The music is forced inside for the winter and is limited to Friday and Saturday night. The interior of the Sun and Moon Caf is much better suited to summer chilling than winter warming, with hard floors, seats and tables, none of which are very warm on cold behinds.

However, springtime is near, the patio should be open by mid-March, and once again Sun and Moon will be enjoyable outside as well as in.

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Sun and Moon Cafe

5195 Emigration Canyon801-583-8331U discount – 15 percent

Three-and-a-half out of five plates