Things you say must go: We asked for it, readers gave it to us

*People who don’t know how to (orwon’t) merge. When a lane is about toend, people speed up to get ahead ofothers. It actually slows traffi c downmore when people do this. If everyonejust merged when they see the fi rst sign,traffi c would fl ow much more smoothly.*People who have nasty, mean lookson their faces. Come on, loosen up andsmile! Or at least pretend you are not sopissed off at the world!*When people 30 feet ahead of youstop and hold the door open for you.You end up running to the door becauseyou don’t want to keep them waiting.Mandy BrittStaff*Aviator glasses look stupid.* 1980s aerobic-themed wardrobes.Cocaine and spandex in the same generationwas a bad, bad combination. Legwarmers look stupid. If I wanted to bereminded of “Flashdance,” I would rentit, which I don’t, so I won’t.*Pointy stilettos look painful, makeirritating clickety-clacking noises andcreate the illusion that your normalsized feet belong to a freaky 15-foot tallAmazon queen that eats heads.*Thongs and low-rise pants.Not only do I not want to see yournasty underwear, I don’t want to seeyou strutting your rolls in low-risepants.*Body spray. As if campus eau detoilette were not bad enough. If I hada dollar for every time the back of mythroat was scorched by unearthly scentslike Rockin’ Watermelon or CalmingFreesia, I could start saving for theimpending ear/nose/throat cancer thatspraying will result in.*Frat boys in convertibles. Convertiblesare creepy, frat boys are creepy:hairless legs and ankle socks.Hannah SuttonJunior, Secondary Education*Girls who tease the hair on the topof their head in a square shape and thenmake it worse by pulling it back in aponytail. Who in the world started thistrend? Utah is the ONLY state in whichI have witnessed this horrendous hairstyletrend occur.*The myth that P.E. (physical education)majors get to play games all day.WRONG!!! Yes, we actually have tolearn much more complex things thanthe rules of badminton.*T.A.s who are NEVER available ornever attend the class and yet give theircontact info. Please don’t tease us bymaking us think you will actually beavailable for help.Amy DouglasAlumna