From prison boutique to the feminine mystique: Down but not out, Martha Stewart is still defi ning grace

Martha Stewartis my hero. Youcould say thatMartha Stewart is thenext “come-back kid.”With books, clothing andmerchandise deals in theworks, there seems likethere’s no stopping thisdomestic queen.Many have said Marthais having the last laughand I agree.She was released fromprison after 5 months at Camp Cupcakefor lying to investigators after being suspectedof insider trading. Moments afterleaving the prison, her SUV driver blewthrough a stop sign (how ironic).Stewart jetted back to her 153-acre estatejust outside Manhattan for fi ve moremonths of house arrest. Not being allowedto have felons visit her will no doubt cuther social calls in half.She is allowed to leavethe estate for work andchurch and will continueto receive her $900,000 ayear salary. If the courtshad really wanted to punishStewart, they wouldhave told her she wasn’tallowed to decorate.She has supposedlychanged her life aroundand got a “new perspective”on living. She’s 20pounds lighter and justsigned up to make a modifi ed version ofDonald Trump’s “The Apprentice.”She may no longer be the CEO of MarthaStewart Living Omnimedia Inc., buther stock has made her a billionaire.It’s funny how the tables turn. Manythought that Stewart was dead in the waterwhen she left for prison in November,but they were wrong.Many now say they like Stewart morebecause she served her time gracefully.Personally, I think Martha Stewart is a rolemodel for the young women of today.Yes, she made a greedy mistake, but sheswallowed her pride and served her time.She went willingly to Camp Cupcake.Now all she has left to do is join forceswith Wal-Mart (let’s be real, no one shopsat Kmart anymore).You can bet that someday when I getmarried I’ll be searching the pages of MarthaStewart Living for savvy ideas.She’s my idol and an American [email protected]