Letter to the Editor: Beliefs shouldn’t be imposed upon others

Editor:Josh Checketts’ letter (“Party endorsementwas wrong and party cartoon was raunchy,”March 11) reminds us once again whythis state is in a self-imposed, shortsightedfantasy. Morality police lurk everywhere,seeking to condemn, censor and prohibitanything and everything that falls outside oftheir constrained moral sphere.In the real world, newspapers do indeedendorse candidates and in the real world,Spring Break is for some students a weeklongorgy of debauchery that some consider”obscene.”His opinion is fi ne to have, but asking TheDaily Utah Chronicle to not endorse candidatesor not to print cartoons lampooning aperspective of a college ritual goes too far.In the real world, and that includes theworld outside this state’s boundaries, thingsaren’t sanitized, packaged in family-friendlywrappers and restricted the way some wantthem to be.This should be the case with a studentnewspaper read primarily by adults overthe age of 18 from a variety of backgrounds.Checketts, and others like him, better getused to adapting to the world rather thanasking it to meet their myriad expectations.If you don’t like it, don’t read it, don’tdrink it, don’t smoke it and don’t do it, butkeep your self-imposed ignorance to yourselves.That, or go into politics so you canreally impose your beliefs on the rest of us.Aaron McDanielGraduate Student, Geography