Letter to the Editor: Lefties are underrepresented


I am writing to inform the majority of the students and staff about the most underrepresented minority on campus and their biggest problem: the left-handers and the lack of left-hander desks.

We as students here at the U are taught about all different kinds of discrimination and ways to avoid it. But one discrimination that is not considered is the issue of left-handers and the desks they sit at.

We live in a right-hand dominated world, and us left-handers are left out in the dark.

We have to accommodate our lives to that of the right-handers.

My problem with the U is that tuition and student fees are outrageous. So why isn’t some of the $1.4 million that is allotted to ASUU control spent on bettering the college experience for ALL students?

Sometimes it is so painful to be a left-hander. All left-handers should be acrobats because of the way we have to adjust and move just to take notes.

All I’m asking is that with this new ASUU year can’t, and won’t, you please consider accommodating left-handers by making left-hander desks more readily available?

Peter Stoker

Freshman, Undecided