Spring Ballet Ensemble

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I understand that we are all allowed different opinions and different tastes in all forms of art. However, John Bayock’s review of Ballet Ensemble in the March 21 issue of The Daily Utah Chronicle, no it’s not just called a “recital” John, lacked the depth and open-mindedness that he felt was missing from the performance. At times Bayock was inaccurate in his statements, for example, the department did not “steer creative control back into the hands of students,” but rather it was choreographed entirely by faculty and guest choreographers. It is also obvious that Bayock’s tastes gear toward contemporary ballet pieces and modern, but he should remember that there is still a skill and beauty to classical ballet, and the combination of styles for the program provided for audiences of both tastes. It’s unfortunate that Bayock waited from piece to piece for what he liked, rather than appreciating the hard work of all ballet students and faculty members involved in Ballet Ensemble. Perhaps in the future Bayock will also provide actual reasons for not liking certain pieces, instead of tossing around adjectives like “lackluster,” “stale,” “haphazard,” “outdated”; the list goes on and on. In the future I would appreciate reviews of performing arts productions that actually analyze elements of dance, acting, and other performance arts instead of blanket statements made without ample support. Congratulations to everyone who did participate and work hard to perform Ballet Ensemble this spring.

Amy FultonJuniorBallet, English Dept.