Thumbs up, thumbs down: From Presenter’s Office to parking

Down: The Presenter’s Office budget was reduced this week. This shows, once again, that ASUU has no place running the office. The Presenter’s Office should be split out from ASUU and given a completely separate budget. Oversight by the dean of students would give it accountability while separating it from an organization that isn’t serving its best interests.

It has worked out pretty well for the Union Programming Council to not be a part of ASUU. Its events are better attended than pretty much anything ASUU throws.

Down: Me. I made two huge mistakes in my column on Tuesday (“The elections are over but so is Spring Break,” March 29). First, I spoke of finding a beautiful, blonde girl. Then I said that LGBT community members feel that they need to “flaunt who they are and what they represent.” So, I don’t agree with the visibility campaign still, but I guess I learned my lesson about flaunting sexuality.

Also, I said that students should pick up a form to nominate their teachers for recognition. In reality, those forms were due last Friday. In my defense, the column was supposed to run on Friday, I just didn’t realize the error when it didn’t.

Down: Responses to Ed Stevenson’s article about speeding were, at best, unintelligent.

Nolan Ashman decided to take a poke at Ed’s age, saying that the “problem …is well above your comprehension and your youthfulness….” Apparently, Nolan doesn’t realize that those 75 years and older cause more accidents than those in Ed’s age group (20-24). I wonder if he fits in that category.

Speed on, Ed.

Up: The U Rugby team is one of the best in the country. It doesn’t make sense that the U doesn’t fund this team. The athletics department has the money, why can’t it sponsor this “club” team? It deserves it.

Every year it goes further in its sport than football and basketball. These students don’t deserve to have to pay out of their pocket to shine a good light on the school.

Up: Jacob Tripp made a good point when he said that Commuter Services’ solution for parking “allows us to be made slaves of the bus schedule.” We live in a state where people take cars. We’re a commuter campus. The solution to the parking problem isn’t public transportation.

You’ll never get people to use it in the short term. We need to find somewhere to put a parking lot, and we need to do it soon.

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