Letter to the Editor: LGBT Center is run by wonderful volunteers


I am writing to support the LGBT Center’s Visibility Campaign, and to especially offer my public support of the Marketing Intern who happens to be a volunteer.

Workers at the LGBT Resource Center work very hard on this campus to promote diversity and support for people from diverse backgrounds-not just LGBT backgrounds. They helped build The Wall of Silence to demonstrate that.

Everything they do, they do with a limited budget. They only have one full-time staff person, who is the coordinator, and a gaggle of service learning volunteers and interns, who all care deeply about the work they do.

In her letter to the editor on March 29, Rachel Miller suggests that “The LGBT Center should fire it’s advertising manager,” which would be very difficult as technically there is no advertising manager but rather, an advertising intern.

In case Miller is unaware what the definition of a volunteer is, Webster’s says: “1. a person who chooses freely to do or offer to do something. 2. a person who chooses freely to enter into any transaction with no promise of compensation.”

I strongly encourage Miller to stop in and visit the LGBT Center, see what it is about, see its size, how it operates and how everyone works together for one common goal, unity and visibility.

I say those at the LGBT Center, especially Heather Franck, did an amazing job and I encourage them all to keep up the good work-BRAVO.

Kellie Foreman