Lookin’ for a win

Asad Kudiya

Sports Reporter

Although the U baseball team gave up 10 runs in the first three innings of Sunday’s game against New Mexico, coach Bill Kinneberg said he is pleased with his pitching staff and frustrated by the team’s hitting.

“Our pitching has kept us in virtually every ball game up until [Sunday],” Kinneberg said. “We are really struggling at the plate.”

In game one of the series against New Mexico, the Utes only scored two runs. In games two and three, Utah scored three runs in each of its games.

The team members won’t have much time to work on their problems in practice, since they have a game today against UVSC at 2 p.m. The game will take place at Ute Field.

The UVSC showdown will not be a game where Kinneberg plays just about everyone in order to rest his starters.

“We’re staying pat with our lineup,” Kinneberg said. “It’s a regular game for me.”

The lineup has shown flashes of good play at points in the season. But lately the U just hasn’t been able to score runs.

“It’s frustrating for everyone, the hitters and the coaches,” Kinneberg said.

“We are capable of doing better.”

On the season the team is only hitting for a .281 batting average.

“We just need to work hard,” Kinneberg said. “We are going through a phase I can’t quite understand with our offense.”

Even though the pitching has been the strongest part of the team, the third starting position is still up in the air. Brad Cullers was the third starter at the beginning of the season, but an injury has taken him out of the rotation for the past few weeks.

Sunday, the Utes used Bryce Freed and he struggled, giving up seven runs in fewer than two innings of work.

Sunday’s game was not a highlight for the Ute pitching staff, but Kinneberg may have found his starter for the time being in Steven Collora.

Collora pitched four strong innings, only allowing one run and three hits against the Lobos.

“He did a great job, but our third starter for the weekend series against Air Force has yet to be announced,” Kinneberg said.

Cullers is back from his injury and he will start today against UVSC.

The UVSC Wolverines have been cold of late, losing four straight games. It will be a good opportunity for the Utes to get a win before heading to Colorado Springs to take on Air Force.

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