Plumber’s crack: fashion awe or total faux pas?

Sooner or later, everything comes into fashion.

One of the marvels of our post-modern thinking is the fashionable return of the plumber’s crack.

Of course, in our sensitive-multicultural-unisex world, this wave of bad vogue afflicts not only males, but also females.

The area of the body that goes from the upper buttocks to the lower back and from the one pudgy love handle to the other is not an attractive section of skin.

Lately, we’ve all seen much more of this part of the body by inadvertent accident. When girls in hip huggers bend over, squat or even crouch to take their seats in class, a crack is revealed that could automatically qualify someone for union membership.

It’s understandable that someone would invent, and someone else would buy, jeans to show off hips and a fit abdomen. But is the exposure of other areas in that region of the body worth it?

And how many people really have hips or tummies worth showing off? If you got it, flaunt it. But if you don’t (and most don’t)….

Making it worse is members of the fairer sex thinking they have the bodies that can fit into clothes their 7-year-old sister may wear.

You might be thinking, what guy wouldn’t want to see a girl’s bum?

But since when is a plumber’s crack a sexual stimulant? Who was the last supermodel showing off her crack on the cover of Vogue or Cosmopolitan?

The rise in temperature has also led boys to wear less clothing. The first thing to go is the belt. No matter what someone told you in an online chat room, lower back hair does not mean you are more fertile.

Many of us are looking for a person to hold on to. Revealing your love handles, while direct in logic, is not achieving the goal.

As far as I’m concerned, if your butt crack is hanging out and I ask you for your phone number, realize the only date that I am thinking about is when you could come over and fix the leak in the toilet.

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