President Bush is not a conservative

By By Anne Looser

By Anne Looser

What the hell is our “conservative” Congress and president doing?

For as long as I can remember in the United States, conservative meant less government, not more. Recent actions lead me to believe our conservative government is not really conservative.

The No Child Left Behind Act is an excellent example of President Bush’s big government.

Education is a state’s rights issue. It’s always been assumed local and state governments know best their community’s needs.

Even Utah’s conservative Legislature has debated opting out of it for the past two years.

This administration created the largest federal debt-ever. Conservatives label liberals as “tax and spenders.” Yet this administration recklessly racks up debt. At least liberals make sure they have money before they spend.

Is the current government really conservative? Its actions not only go against conservative values of small government, but also are irresponsible.

Recently, for Terri Schiavo, the president, Congress and Gov. Jed Bush, R-Florida, created laws that applied to only one person.

If this isn’t big government, I don’t know what is.

Conservatives talk about personal liberties and not wanting government intruding in their personal lives. I fear that conservative ideology has been converted into a power-gaining tactic.

I enjoy good philosophical debates between competing ideologies, but with the current government I worry that true democratic discussions aren’t happening between policy makers.

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