The Chronicle’s View: Child-care woes require life-planning pros

U students may lose access to cheap child care, one of the most useful services promoted by ASUU.

Currently, many students can obtain child care for as low as $1 an hour, way below the average rate of $8-$12 an hour.

A grant subsidizes the U’s program, and that grant runs out in September. The U will reapply, but there’s less money available and several hundred more schools vying for the money this year.

Without this service, several U students will not be able to afford school. Child care costs more than many students make. Paying the full rate is impossible if funds are needed for tuition.

There is, perhaps, nothing ASUU could do that would be of more value to students than saving this program.

It’s understood that the final decision for the grant is out of the U’s hands, but if less money is received for next year, ASUU will need to do something about it.

It’s common for people to marry young in this state, and U students are, on average, older than most university students. The combination of those factors guarantee that a large portion of our student body has to pay for pacifiers before books.

That fact makes our campus quite unique. Hopefully, the government will consider that and will fully restore the grant.

Students who do not have children should take note of the difficulties of finding affordable child care while going to school.

Parents struggle with this issue at every university in every state, but the large number of students with families on this campus make it a particularly stressful issue.

It is hoped by all that the federal grant is fully restored, but if it is not, better family planning will be needed by married students.

It is unrealistic to expect the U to make it possible to have children and go to school at the same time.

It’s like having your cake and eating it too. It works out for some, but it would be irresponsible for a large number of people to rely on it.

The program as is can only benefit a fraction of the families that need the service, if funding is reduced even fewer will. As the U grows and child-care funding is jeopardized, wisdom and prudence is required from married students.