Letter to the Editor: I’m sorry, did my education get in the way of your construction?


How is it that a university that claims to be full of educated and intelligent people is having such troubles with parking and construction?

I almost wrote a week ago after I read the article regarding the changes in the U lot (“U students outraged by parking changes,” March 29). Why make this change in the middle of the semester?

Students plan their schedules months in advance, many of us down to the minute. A small change in parking stalls may not seem like a big deal to those who don’t park there, but to those who do, it’s a horrendous change.

When I’ve registered for classes and made work commitments based on where I’ve paid to park and how long it takes to walk to class, I can’t just change my work schedule or ask my professor to start class 10 minutes later.

Since the U stalls have been reduced in the closest parking lot to OSH, I’ve had to park about eight minutes farther away, which means I’ve been eight minutes late to school every day, and eight minutes late to work every afternoon.

Since these changes, I haven’t had a class where fewer than three people walked in five or more minutes late, which was an uncommon occurrence before. If students have to wait until the end of the semester and plan months ahead to make any changes, the school should be forced to do the same.

Then I read your article about the traffic light construction on Central Campus Drive and noticed the construction was being conducted 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. weekdays. Did I miss something? Was it possible that someone just forgot that is the absolute busiest time possible?

Does the administration really not care that much about students struggling to manage their time, and more importantly their stress levels, that they don’t even consider these things?

I’m not saying don’t make changes. I’m not suggesting a halt to all construction. I just can’t fathom the rationale behind these types of interruptions in my education.

Ben Taylor

Senior, English