A communal homage: Folk Dance Exchange presents an opportunity to pay tribute

Ballet and modern are just some of the disciplines that the U’s nationally ranked dance program offers-for a taste of something different, check out the Character Dance Ensemble’s show at 7:30 p.m. on Saturday night at the Marriot Center for Dance.

In late February, the Character Dance Ensemble, which specializes in traditional folk dances from around the world, traveled to Corvallis, Ore., as guest dancers in a weekend of shows with the Willamette Apprentice Ballet, and now the same dancers and students with whom the ensemble danced are here at the U.

Moldavian, Bylo-Russian, Italian, Spanish and Ukrainian forms of dance-as well as others-will be showcased by this diverse group of artists.

The performance is a fund-raiser for the ensemble’s planned trip to British Colombia, Canada this summer, carrying on the tradition of summer travels (the group also traveled to Europe in the summer of 2004). The evening will include a silent auction and post-performance reception.

Directed by Richard Wacko, former director of Utah Ballet, the talented ensemble dancers have been brightening the U’s fine-arts scene with performances all year. If you missed International Night at the Union last month, this will probably be your last chance to catch the group this year.

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