Letter to the Editor: People who can’t use Macs are just lazy or dumb


In response to Edward Stevenson (“Stupid Mac Computers,” April 7) and his clear ignorance on the subject of computers: He can’t operate one of the simplest computers in the market today.

My wife is a school teacher, and even her fifth graders can function with little to no hang-ups on a Mac. Just because you think all students have to conform to the Windows madness doesn’t make you an expert on the matter of Macs or how to use them.

Facts: Macs get far fewer viruses, and Macs have an operating system that is far more stable than Windows. It’s funny to see all these people walking around campus with their cool new iPods, or iPod minis, and then read an article how we should get rid of all the Macs. They are made by the same company!

For those of you that have trouble using “one button” on a mouse, try hitting the “control” key and then “click.” It’s the same as a right click. It’s that easy. If you don’t want a program to run, “click” and hold until you see the word quit. Or is that too hard?

I realize that Windows may be the majority around here, but you don’t hear Mac users pissing and moaning about it. The fact is that the more Mac users there are the more Microsoft will make their OS compatible with it.

When you get down to it, it is Microsoft that has made interaction more difficult for Mac users, not Apple. To barrow a line from a group that I am in no way associated with, “Macs are real!”

Ryan Wares


Middle East Studies