Letter to the Editor: The FLDS do not deserve the benefit of the doubt


I am writing in response to Mike Bednarz column (“Finally furnish freedom for FLDS freaks,” April 5).

He states that “FLDS secrecy evokes fear, but I believe that all parties should show the sect extreme tolerance.” Is he insane? Why show extreme tolerance to a religion where 12-year-old girls are married off as property to 50-year-old men?

I have a friend whose sole job in the government is helping battered and abused women from polygamist communities escape. She finds homes and clothing for these women who want freedom in their lives. Bednarz also states that just because they are weird shouldn’t overshadow our commitment to religious freedom. Is he serious? What would he say to the girls who runaway because they are raped and abused? Their religion isn’t weird, it is sick. Taxpayers’ money goes to helping these escapees find freedom.

Bednarz concludes by stating, “we should give them something the LDS church never got-the benefit of the doubt.” He clearly does not know much about the religion.

Polygamists molest girls, inbreed and never finish building their homes so they don’t have to pay taxes to the government. Why give people who conduct themselves in this matter the benefit of the doubt?

I know that when these molesters go to prison, they will be given something and it most certainly will not be the benefit of the doubt.

Christopher Call

Junior, Accounting