Letter to the Editor: Ugly cars don’t get stolen


Last Friday there was a little side note on how to best protect your car from being stolen (“Campus police warn students about vehicle theft,” April 8), by doing things such as installing an alarm or using the club, so I decided to share some of my own unique ways I have been able to prevent car theft, even though I would leave my keys in my car in hopes that it would get stolen.

First of all, if you driver’s door handle is broken, no thief will want to take the time to figure out how to get it open. Then if you want to go a little further, simply leave your tool set and various nuts and bolts strewn around the interior, finished off with a pile of repair bills on the dash board-quite effective.

My personal favorite is duct tape around a window or two, along with the mirrors, and no thief will even be tempted. To finish off the deal, have tie wire poking out from underneath the hood and you will never have to worry about car theft again.

Justin Lemon

Sophomore, Political Science