Thumbs up, thumbs down: Picking apart polygamists, popes and the partially clothed

Up: The members of the FLDS church left in Colorado City and Hildale may have received a blessing in disguise. Earlier this week, Warren Jeffs, their spiritual leader, took a small number of members from their home base in these twin towns and moved them to the YFZ ranch in Eldorado, Texas. Those left behind have gained an immense amount of freedom. Although they may feel lost without a prophet, they now have the opportunity to escape the oppressive hand of Jeffs and to run their religion as they choose. Hopefully they will take the opportunity to become integrated into society and eventually stop their polygamist traditions in favor of socially acceptable practices.

Down: Big thumbs down to President Bush for not inviting former President Jimmy Carter to the pope’s funeral. According to a report by Andrea Mitchell at NBC, Carter was told that there was simply no room for him. Carter is a Nobel Laureate who placed human rights at the forefront of his administration. We’re talking about one of the biggest supporters of Habitat for Humanity. He seems more fitting than the current President Bush, as I have serious doubts George W. is going to be getting any sort of peace prize anytime soon. Bush should’ve tossed Condoleezza Rice and made some sort of attempt to bring someone in the party who represents the values of the Holy See.

Down: Bikini Cuts is the kind of brilliant idea that only comes along once in awhile. Haircuts from attractive girls in swimsuits; I wish it would’ve been mine. Provo residents, however, are trying everything they can to keep Bikini Cuts out of their town. Kim Hawley, a concerned resident of Provo, was quoted in the Deseret Morning News as saying “We need to keep it [Provo] a place where children don’t need to hide their eyes in a shopping mall.” Hawley’s children must be hiding their eyes as they walk past the pools at BYU or coed’s tanning on their front lawns.

Ultraconservatives aside, Bikini Cuts deserves to do business in a place where its business is demanded. Those in Utah County who oppose the business should simply not support it and let the people decide through their money whether it should stay or go.

Up: The addition of a required international general education requirement has the potential to be a great addition to student’s curriculum at the U. It is important for students to leave the U with an education that prepares them for the real world. With globalism increasing daily, an understanding of the international system seems almost necessary.

However, the administration should be careful not to turn it into the joke that is the diversity requirement. I can take “Film and the Law” or “Geography of North America” to fulfill that.

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