Did Lady Liberty move to Canada?

It is inconceivable to me how anyone could think it is the role of the government to interfere with the morality or personal choice of its citizenry. When I was young and nave, I believed all Americans loved liberty. Recent events have brought this into question.

The Schiavo case has been debated ad naseum, but what was interesting was how some people actually thought it was the government’s responsibility to interfere.

Today’s government repeatedly robs us of our political liberty. This isn’t a partisan issue. Governments were formed to protect rights of citizens and the government’s role is to ensure a minimal quality of life for its citizens. Beyond that, government becomes more of an imposition than an instrument of good.

There are many laws today that would never even be debated if the had government fulfilled this purpose.

The government has no right to prevent us from carrying firearms. It also has no right to prevent the abortion of a fetus, forbid the use of marijuana, outlaw professional poker or prevent homosexuals from getting married.

These issues should never even be debated in the public forum. Government truly shouldn’t even consider interfering with lives in this way.

I don’t pay taxes to support an institution that takes away my rights. Why doesn’t either party recognize this?

The modern Republican and Democratic Parties are not based on concrete ideology. Republicans claim to believe in small government and non-intervention, but not when it comes to abortion or the legalization of marijuana. Democrats claim to believe in individual liberty, yet favor gun control.

The parties are simply rough amalgams of individuals who share roughly the same gut feelings on so-called hot-button issues.

When it comes to people starving in the slums of Chicago or rampant crime in the streets of Compton, the government turns a blind eye. Turn the spotlight on a woman in a coma, however, and the government watches with childish devotion and interferes like a tyrant.

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