Inauguration takes place nine months after Young takes office

The fact that the inauguration of President Michael Young is taking place nine months after he entered office is nothing new.

“It’s the way it’s done all over the country,” said Fred Esplin, vice president of University Relations.

Rich Kendell, commissioner of higher education, said it is difficult to hire a new President and get him working while planning an inauguration at the same time.

“An inauguration is more of tradition and celebration rather than a legal issue,” Kendell said.

Young’s inauguration has brought in speakers and performers from around the world.

“These things take two to three months to plan,” Esplin said. “Having the inauguration this late into his term is by design.”

Patrick Muir

Inauguration Budget Estimates

Inauguration Ceremony – $34,000

Arts Event – $20,000

Symposia Events – $20,000

Promotions – $21,000

Total $95,000

No university funds are being used.

Completely paid for by the following donors:Ian and Annette CummingJ.W. and Donna MarriottJon and Karen HuntsmanRoger and Sara BoyerSpencer and Cleone EcclesJames and Carol Macfarlane